Hungarian Batch Forum

  The Hungarian Batch Forum is a nonprofit professional organisation within the confines of MATE Industrial Informatics and Computers section.
  Parts of the forum could be the users, manufacturers, higher education institutions, academical institutions, planning and engenering offices.

                 The MBF official webpage.
  1. Ensure a forum for international and Hungarian information exchange.
  2. Have an effect on international and Hungarian standards.
  3. Stand for area of speciality on other profession forums. (MSZT, OMH)
  4. Helping familiarization of the Hungarian issues on international professional forums, programs.
  5. Diffuse the Batch automation knowladge.
  6. Help the members to connect into international developing programs.
  7. Increasing the profession celebrity of members.
  8. EBF and WF news transmission.
Members of the board
  1. President: Balázs Tibor (BMGE)
  2. Honorary president: ntnntnt Molnár Ferenc (BatchControl Ltd.) és Nagy Iván (Hungary)
  3. Secretary of the Board: Wagner Péter